We want you to speak English

Duration: 1 to 4 Months

The Callan Method helps students at any stage to learn English; teaching them with little or no English up to a level equivalent to the Cambridge First Certificate

The Callan Method gets you speaking English from the very first lesson.

Through Callan method English vocabulary and grammar is taught in a carefully programmed way, with systematic revision and reinforcement. There are ten stages in CALLAN method.

Callan Method is a direct method created specifically to enhance your comprehension and speaking abilities in a pleasant but intensive atmosphere.

There are ten stages of CALLAN and you can join our classes at different levels, based on your assessment

Course highlights :

  • Makes you think  in English
  • Refines your Grammatical and Sentence Construction skills
  • Practice through Listening and Speaking activities
  • Flexible and Dynamic teaching methodology
  • Makes you quickly Detect, Correct and Speak in Error Free English
  • Systematic Revision  & Reviews to Reinforce what you learn

Call One to 1 English for Effective Communication